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I'll Proudly Do My Share to Help Build

The Greatest Asian American Self-Empowerment Long-term Fund --


$1 million/yr to forge UNITY & COLLECTIVE CLOUT!

I believe in myself and my fellow Asian Americans.

Board of 80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation:

1. We intend to raise, in 2 years, $1 million/yr for 5 years to create the necessary UNITY &

COLLECTIVE CLOUT to make ourselves equal citizens of the USA.

2. Money is in 80-20 EF's control, but not spent. Whenever it reaches $1 million/yr, an election will be

held for an independent Board. All donors may nominate self or others & vote for its pending

Bylaws and Board Members.

3. If in two years, 80-20 fails to raise minimal EMPOWERING $1 million/yr or more, money will be

refunded in full to all donors.

4. Your donation is tax deductible.

5. You may donate either by a credit card or a check. Send your check, payable to 80-20 Educational

Foundation, to Stephen Lin, 969 Acalanes Rd, Lafayette CA 94549. Give your e-address.

For (1) Existing donors, and (2) those having pledged but NOT paid, and using a credit card.
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